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Creating a Members Directory in BuddyPress

BuddyPress Members Directory

Creating a Members Directory in BuddyPress is relatively simple and straightforward process. We just need to go to the BuddyPress settings, click on the pages tab, and select the page for our Members Directory. Continue reading “Creating a Members Directory in BuddyPress”

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Thrive One Click Demo Import

With the recent development of Thrive reaching version 2.0.2, we have included a very helpful tool to get you started. This tool is called ‘Thrive One Click Demo Import,’ this will allow you to choose a particular demo and import its Contents, Menu(s), and Customizer’s options – with all just a click of a mouse. Continue reading “Thrive One Click Demo Import”

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Staying Creative in this Ever-Changing World

Remember MacGyver? In the episode “The Road Not Taken,” by being creative he manages to distract the enemies from pursuing him and his female companion by creating a time-controlled rock catapult using just branches, rocks, rosary beads, and twine.

Continue reading “Staying Creative in this Ever-Changing World”

PHP Memory Issue
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WordPress: Increase PHP Memory Limit

In this article, we will focus on fixing PHP memory limit issues and errors that usually occurs on our website when we install a new theme or a new plugin. Continue reading “WordPress: Increase PHP Memory Limit”