Update Thrive WordPress Theme

Updating the Theme is very simple. If you have customized the theme files, make sure to copy it in your Child Theme to make sure the theme update won’t overwrite the customization you made. Customisations made from Theme Customizer won’t be affected.

When updating the theme, it is best to test it first in your staging environment. Having maintenance plugin would also help notify your users that you are currently doing maintenance in your website. Click here to learn how to put your website on maintenance mode.

Make sure you have backup your site before updating to the latest version.

There are three ways to update the Theme.

1. Envato Market Tool (Recommended)

Basically, you will use the Envato Market WordPress updater plugin to make your task of updating the Theme easier. Click here to learn more about Envato Market WordPress updater plugin.

2. Manual

  1. First, delete the Parent Theme (Thrive Nouveau) inside wp-admin > appearance > themes.
  2. Grab the latest version of Theme in your Envato (Themeforest) through the download link (e.g, https://themeforest.net/downloads).
  3. Go to wp-admin > appearance > themes. Click the “Add New” button.
  4. Upload the Theme zip file (thrive-nouveau.zip)
  5. Activate the child theme.
  6. Check your site.

3. FTP Update

  1. First, download the latest version of Theme through Themeforest Downloads Page.
  2. Use FTP Client such as FileZilla. Click here to learn how to use Filezilla.
  3. Go to wp-content/themes/thrive-nouveau directory.
  4. Upload the theme files inside the thrive-nouveau directory you got from ThemeForest Downloads page overwriting each and every file of the old theme through FileZilla FTP Client.
  5. After you have finished uploading all the files. Login to your WordPress Site and clear any cache if you have installed caching plugins.
  6. Clear your browser cache.
  7. Check your site.



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