1. Create the Creative Pressure

It sounds ridiculous at first as no one wants to create an unpleasant atmosphere at work, school, or anywhere else. On second thought, however, you may realize that pressure is a good thing to force your creative side to work. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting a deadline. Whether or not we want to believe it, a deadline is part of a schedule; without a schedule, many (if not most) people will only procrastinate. Strict deadline brings miseries to all creative endeavors, but necessary to keep everyone focuses on the tasks at hand.

Let us put it this way: everyday deadline prevents you from making changes in plan and being distracted by other activities. When you have to deliver a big project report tomorrow, it is impossible for you to spend most times today for a walk in the park, unless you have special abilities to finish much paperwork in record time. While pressure does not directly improve creative ability, at least it stimulates both psychological and physiological factors to get the job done before it is too late. Somewhere in the process, you must be creative enough to deliver. Creativity is not always about making useful inventions, but it also revolves around working smartly and spending times or resources in an efficient manner. You cannot force an idea to come out, but you can create the right environment where your mind is designed to work at its full potential.

2. Do not forget to take a Break 


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