2. Do not forget to take a Break

Taking a break from work and particularly under strict deadline can be a mistake, after which you will feel guilty for any unfinished task or unsolved problem. In an office situation, it may not even seem appropriate to have a quick trip to the toilet or short lunch break when all co-workers are busy creating theories, conducting experiments, and finding solutions for certain issues. The same thing applies to a family meeting where the meaningful discussion takes place. We understand that deadline is important, but it must be reasonable; by “reasonable,” it should tolerate the need to take a rest from mental and physical exhaustions.

Adequate rest is essential to make sure you can work and think at maximum level. You need to get fresh air. The air inside a building or crowded environment can become unpleasant as it lacks freshness. Going outside and taking a walk for just about 5 minutes or so can refresh both your body and mind. Invigorated individual is more likely to examine problems thoroughly, see more plausible solutions, and come up with new ideas. To maintain your creative abilities, in the long run, you can try regular exercise because healthy body puts you in a positive mood and makes you better prepared for any upcoming challenges in the changing world.

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