3. Work with the Right Person

The idea behind taking a short break from a group of people is to have time on your own. A group of people with unique backgrounds and sets of skills working on the same problem can be either constructive or destructive. Group-oriented discussions can lead to distraction in no time. It is easy to start an off-topic conversation especially when everyone is exhausted. They crave for a rest and want their brains to think of something else instead of forcing harder. Sometimes working alone is better because you can avoid such distraction; once you focus on the problem, you have the power to stop potential distraction even before it starts. You can put the phone into silent mode, turn off the TV, close the blind, or lock the door. You only stop when you need a rest, not when somebody else drifts away from the main concern.

When working alone does not seem to help develop creativity, it is possible to increase the likelihood of success by collaborating with the right individual. A team of two, consisting of individuals with the same purpose, can create better teamwork and come up with more efficient solutions than a team of dozens. We can also say that a two-person team, filled with individuals who display equally strong determination for a resolution but have different perspectives towards the problems, is better at stimulating creativity for each other.

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