4. Let Off Some Steam

Expressing displeasures, unhappiness, or discontent is fine as long as all are delivered to the right person and with reasonable explanations. While complaints are not entirely destructive, they bring down your potential abilities to be creative. Rather than focusing the mind on feasible solutions, complaining makes you think of only all bad things that put you in the unpleasant, stressful situations in the first place. The right way to complain is to say it as criticism and with respects. You may think of complaining to your boss, spouse, parents, friends, or colleagues about a troubling case that they cause, but it would be much better if the complaints come out verbally as constructive criticisms. Let off some steam without saying words you may regret later, yet you get the same effects: you vent any hard feeling and feel refreshed.

Releasing emotional tension is the bare minimum requirement to create a productive and creative environment. An unfriendly disposition can be triggered by many things such as disagreement, nervousness, and inadequate rest. Every form of resentment must be dealt properly, but it requires you to understand the exact culprit; this can be difficult because emotions cloud your judgment. This is why expressing complaints as criticisms plays its role. In case the resentment is not because of somebody else’s wrongdoing, the person who hears the criticisms can help clear the air for you.

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