5. During the Less Urgent Circumstances

At many points in life, you may not feel the urgency to be creative at all. You are comfortable with everything and everyone in day-to-day activities. However, it is always beneficial (at least it does not hurt) to train and develop your sense of creativity. Consider these practical methods for this purpose:

Get organized: an organizational system brings comfort to mind and the eyes. Considering that vision is the dominant sense in human, an organized home/office/desk is good starting point to develop creativity. Your brain is not distracted by clutters or stuffs lying around in places they do not belong.

Enroll in an online class: with the help of technology, you can keep on studying any subject you like without enrolling in formal education. An online course or webinar can give new insights about your business, professions, hobbies, etc.

Hypothetical questions: asking yourself hypothetical questions that start with “what if” stimulates your mind to think freely and outside of the box.


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