• Project Think of it as a house for your new task. A project should live inside a particular group.
  • Task You can use this feature to assign a new job or a new order to each member of a particular project.
  • Task Members Assignment Ability to assign a task to individual members.
  • Priority Levels Ability to organize work based on their priority.
  • Email Notification Notifies members when there are new Task updates. Can be configured inside your email settings.
  • BuddyPress Notification Automatically notifies a person when there is a new task assigned to them.
  • Recent Task Widget A Widget that displays the list of all the new Tasks of the current user.
  • Activity Stream Integration Automatically convert the actions you take when creating a new Task as BuddyPress Activity which can be inside a Group Activity or User Activity.
  • File Attachment An ability to attach a file to the particular task.