The Project is only available to the members of the group where the Project is living. For example, all the tasks in the public group page are viewable publicly, but only the group members will be able to update the tasks. In the private group scenario, the projects and tasks will not be visible to the ‘outside’ viewers since it is protected privately by the group privacy. This goes the same for ‘Hidden’ group.

It is important to remember that only group moderators and administrators will be able to add a new task to each project. Whenever there are assigned members, that particular members are the only ones that will be able to update the tasks.


  • Public Group – The projects and all of its corresponding tasks living inside a public group are visible to all users.
  • Private Group – Only members of the group will be able to see the project and its tasks.
  • Hidden Group – Same with the private group, but the group itself is not visible unless you have its URL.