Only ‘Group Administrators’ and ‘Group Moderators’ are allowed to assign a task to a member.

How to assign a task to a group member:

  1. Inside a Project, go to the ‘Tasks’ tab and select a task.
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button inside the task.
  3. Then the ‘Edit’ tab will display on your screen. Type the name of a ‘Group Member’ you want to assign the task in the ‘Type Members Name’ field.
  4. Finally, click the ‘Update Task’ button.

Take Note:
If a member is assigned to a task it does not mean that the assigned member can update everything in a task or delete a task.

The assigned member can only update the below just like a normal user. The only difference is that only the ‘Assigned Group Members’ have the privilege to access the task that was assigned to them. Also, they will receive a notification that he or she was assigned in a task and his avatar will be displayed in a task assigned to him or her.

  • Comment in the discussion
  • Change the ‘Priority Level’ of the task
  • Mark a task as completed
  • Reopen a task