2.2.3 - Maintenance Release
Update: Fixed Top Right Bar BuddyPress Notification drop-down to get notifications from 3rd-party plugins for BuddyPress
Update: Fixed the SideNav Sidebar state on mobile
2.2.2 - Maintenance Release
Update: Fixed RTMedia Design Collision
2.2.1 - Maintenance Release
Update: Fixed the Top Right Bar Messages drop-down to get only the messages for the logged-in user
Update: Fixed the Top Right Bar Notification drop-down to get only the notifications for the logged-in user
Update: Fixed the URL of the Default Top Right Bar BuddyPress menu items base on the logged-in user.
Update: Added Cookie for the SideNav Sidebar to remember the last state of the sidebar.
2.2.0 - WooCommerce, Register Button, and Fixed Activity Stream
Update: Updated the WooCommerce Template Files
Update: Supported the WooCommerce Gallery Zoom, Gallery Lightbox and Gallery Slider
Update: Disabled the Register button when User Registration is disabled
Update: Fixed the BuddyPress Activity Stream
2.1.9 - Maintenance and Bug Fixes
Update: Fixed escape issue in archive
Update: Fixed 'Blank' Page Template Header Issue
Update: Fixed WooCommerce Checkout Bug
Update: Fixed Wisechat Support
Update: Fixed Birthday Widget not working on multisite and non-standard database prefix installations
Update: Maintenance and other bug fixes
2.1.8 - Maintenance and Bug Fixes
Update: Fixed escape issue in archive
Update: Fixed update textarea autogrow
Update: Fixed update textarea autogrow
Update: Fixed translation
Update: Textarea (fixed) autogrow
Update: Fixed Secondary Menu Active
Update: Textarea (fixed) autogrow
Update: Fixed Translation Strings
Update: Updated autogrow version
Update: Fixed textarea autogrow problem when focus-out
Update: Fixed Secondary Menu Active
Update: Fixed the query in members birthday
Added fil translation
Added editor-style.css
2.1.6  - BuddyPress JS File Update and Fixes
UPDATE - 'buddypress.js' file
ADDED  - 'buddypress.unminified.js' file
FIXED  - BuddyPress Favorite Activity Post
FIXED  - BuddyPress Site Wide Notice
2.1.5 - Updated TGM, Enhancements and Fixes 
UPDATE - TGM Library
ADDED - TaskBreaker Widget.
ADDED - Social Widget.
ADDED - Recent Posts Widgets.
UPDATE - Updated Intranet/Extranet Demo
UPDATE - Bug Fixes
2.1.4 - Performance, Aesthetic, BuddyPress Template Update 
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Notification - @480 	
FIXED - Thrive Featured Members Widget - @768			
FIXED - Thrive Featured Groups Widget - @768			
FIXED - Thrive Birthday Widget - avatar and info is not vertically aligned 			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile Navigation Menu - menu icons are not aligned 			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Messages - Compose - Recepient List   			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Messages - Notices - Responsive issue 		
FIXED - Updated the design of the Mobile Header Menu.	
2.1.1 - Performance, Aesthetic, BuddyPress Template Update 
FIXED - rtMedia Lightbox Comment Box.
FIXED - New Shorcode Elements of the Gears plugin.
FIXED - Gears Pricing table.
FIXED - Gears Members and Groups List.
UPDATE - Updated the theme translation files.'
UPDATE - Updated the BuddyPress template files and BuddyPress translations file
UPDATE - Added Support for Gears new elements
UPDATE - Added support for Task Breaker new features
ENHANCEMENTS - Overall aesthetic checks and performance check
2.1.0 - Performance, Aesthetic, and One Click Demo Update
FIXED - TGM Plugin Activation - function_exist issue.			
FIXED - Side nav Menu nested menu item.			
FIXED - Header Menu - Multiple Child menu with children.   			
FIXED - BuddyDrive - Action button is not place properly.   			
FIXED - Customizer - Font Point change default value.			
FIXED - BuddyDrive Events List and Single Events color.  			
FIXED - LearnDash LMS - Course Navigation Widget. 			
FIXED - LearnDash LMS - Course Information Widget. 			
FIXED - LearnDash LMS - Single Course - Course Content Course.  			
FIXED - First commit on Thrive 2.0.2 theme update.			
FIXED - Updated the overall styling.			
FIXED - Mobile Header Menu does not contain the menu properly.  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile Item Navigation @768.  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile Item Navigation Count.   			
FIXED - bbPress profile page broken layout.			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile Fields are not responsive.			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Invitation - not properly aligned.			
FIXED - BuddyPress Groups - Members - Search field.   			
FIXED - BuddyPress Groups - Members  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Edit - "Who Can See This Field"
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Edit - Date Box - @ 768   			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Edit - Profile Field Description  			
FIXED - BuddyPress - Groups Profile Nav Items - Request Membership  			
FIXED - BuddyPress - Groups Profile Nav Items - Send Invites   			
FIXED - rtMedia input submit button on focus state 			
FIXED - BuddyPress -Friends - Members and Groups widget		
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Notification - @480 	
FIXED - Thrive Featured Members Widget - @768			
FIXED - Thrive Featured Groups Widget - @768			
FIXED - Thrive Birthday Widget - avatar and info is not vertically aligned 			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile Navigation Menu - menu icons are not aligned 			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Messages - Compose - Recepient List   			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Messages - Notices - Responsive issue 		
FIXED - Updated the design of the Mobile Header Menu.			
FIXED - Fixed the Mobile Menu of Thrive and user action menus.			
FIXED - Fixed the general layout responsiveness.			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Settings - Email - apply it on @768   			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Settings - Profile Visibility  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Friends - Requests fix the @768   			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - BuddyDrive - Drive Action icon  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - BuddyDrive - Different Icons  			
FIXED - Thrive Birthday Widget Issue  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Log-in Widget   			
FIXED - BuddyPress - Whos Online and Recently Active Members Widgets			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Edit - Main Tabs & Sub Tabs  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Profile - Messages - @480 - make it @768  			
FIXED - BuddyPress Activity - Site Tracking - Load Newest Button.			
FIXED - Theme Customizer - Custom CSS - Converts Special Characters.  			
FIXED - BuddyPress - Activity Post - @768 - are not equally aligned.			
FIXED - Thrive Birthday Widget - @480 - border and avatar are not aligned.			
FIXED - Thrive Footer Widgets - is not properly aligned.			
FIXED - Secondary Menu - @768 - unaligned menu.			
FIXED - Additional fixes.			
FIXED - Small fixes
2.0.1 - Minor Release
- Added fixed for too many child sibling in item nav
- Fix responsive area of item nav 
- Added with-count mixing
- Updated header
- Fixed secondary menu icon alignment
- Changed lock icon
- Fixed Task breaker css issues
- Added Task Breaker CSS
- Fix wp-polls CSS issues

- Bug Fixes
- Added Compatibility to KnB Plugin
- Fixed scrolling issue
- Improved Mobile Layout
- Improved Typography
- Improved Speed
- Improved Performance
- Update on supported open source plugins
- Update on VC
- Update on RevSlider
- Etc
- Fixed comments edit alignment
- Changed the default font to RobotoDraf with system fallback to default system font
- Fixed buddydocs icon alignment
- Fix uneven spacing in comments box
- Fixed the upload avatar feature in group creation process
- Fixed 'load more' button in activity stream
- Improved the comment heading hierarchy
- Updated en_US pot, mo, and po files
- Updated TGM to 2.6.1
- Added CSS Support for KnB (Coming in 2.0)
- Fixed: BuddyDocs alignment issues
- Fixed: RT Media Support for Privacy
- Fixed: Single group responsive layout
- Enhancement: Removed Thrive Favicon in favour of WordPress default favicon control
[Task Breaker]
- Added User Assignment Feature in Task Breaker
- Added Privacy Features in Task Breaker
- Fix Members Duplication Bug
- Added Prepare Statements to Task Breaker
- Added AutoSuggest Feature in User Assignment Features
- Added more RTL support
- Enhanced overall UI
- Added support for new BuddyDocs version
- Added support for new BuddyDrive version
- Fixed LearnDash widgets
- Changed gravatar sizes to blurry images
- Added RTL Support for Events Calendar
- Added RTL Support for Visual Form Builder
- Added RTL Support for RTMedia
- Added RTL Support for Gears
- Added RTL Support for WooCommerce
- Refactor Stylesheet to decrease the file size
- Added support for Grunt
- Fixed Visual Composer elements
- Enhanced LearnDash
~ Version 1.8.6 Fixes & Enhancements ~

- Theme Menu Notification
- Theme Menu "See All Notifications" 
- Theme Menu "Messages" 
- Iframe (YouTube)
- RTMedia LightBox
- RTMedia LightBox Comment Section
- RTmedia - Edit Media
- The Events Calendar Month View
- The Events Calendar List View
- The Events Calendar Day View
- The Events Calendar Single Event View
- The Events Calendar Event Dropdown
- Gears Members Grid Layout
- Gears Groups Grid Layout
- Visual Form Builder
- WooCommerce LightBox
- Theme Menu: Current Parent  Item Shades
- WooCommerce Widgets
- WooCommerce Shop
- WooCommerce Single Product
- WooCommerce Cart
- WooCommerce Checkout
- WooCommerce Visual Composer Shortcode
- WooCommerce Sidebar Widget
- WooCommerce Footer Widget
- LearnDash Course List
- IE Theme Dropdown
- Visual Composer Elements
- BbPress Improvements
- Customizer Register Page Tooltip
- & More...
~ Version 1.8.5 ~
- New Register Page
- New Options to Edit Register Page inside Customizer
- Fixed primary colors in customizer
- Fixed bug in register redirect
- Fixed bug in select fields
- Fixed colors in widgets
- Fixed primary colors in BuddyPress profile
- Fixed primary colors in members
- Fixed primary and secondary border color in groups profile
~ Version 1.8.4 ~ (Major Release)

== Theme ==

- Updated TGM Vendor Script
- [New] Added custom user menu. Go to 'Appearance' > 'Customize' > 'Branding & Menu' > 'Menu'
- [New] Added blank template (No Header, No Footer)
- Fixed Buddypress Nav Profile
- Enhanced Overall styling and performance

== RTMedia ==

- Fixed RTMedia Privacy Issues
- Fixed RTMedia Filters
- Fixed RTMedia Media Size
- Fixed RTMedia Video Sizes

== BuddyPress Activity Form ==

- Fixed Activity Form Groups Assignment
- Fixed Delete button when duplicate comment is found
- Fixed Overlapping avatar issue when there are no comment string

== Thrive Intranet Plugin ==

- Deprecated this plugin in favour of subway and task-breaker

== Task Breaker ==

-[NEW] Added tasks count to to task single
-[NEW] Better role handling. Only Group Moderators and Group Admins will be able to add project to group, etc.
- Better Performance

== Subway ==

-[NEW][IMPORTANT] Changed 'thrive_login' shortcode to 'subway_login'
-Better performance

== The Events Calendar ==

Enhancements to UI, and Responsiveness
Version 1.8.1
- Whitelist Activate Page,
- Whitelist Register Page,
- Fixed Hidden Group Issue
- Fixed Mobile Logo Issue
- Fixed Sticky Forum Issue
- Added conditional statement to groups
- Fixed OT wrong links
- Fixed Events Title line-height
- Fixed Featured Members Widget when placed on Footer
- Fixed Messages Update Margin Issue
- [New Feature] Google + & Facebook Connect
- [New Feature] New login page design
- Separated theme sass files for convenience 
- Enhanced WooCommerce UI 
- Enhanced bbPress UI 
- Enhanced Events Calendar UI 
- Enhanced Events List UI 
- Fixed BPDocs Privacy Options Toggle 
- Changed BPDocs icons 
- Fixed Alignment Issues 
- Removed WP_Editor Shadows on BP Profile Edit 
- Made the notification messages styling uniform 
- Fixed BuddyDrive alignment issues - Fixed RTMedia Uploader JS - Fixed Activity Stream Hierarchy on mobile devices 
- Fixed WooCommerce Checkout Layout Issues 
- Fixed WooCommerce Cart Layout Issues 
- Added support for input[type=tel]
- Fixed BuddyDrive Styling Issues
- Fixed all appearance bugs on BuddyDrive.
- Added Material Icons on file managements
- Replaced BuddyDrive image maps to material icons
- Enhanced BuddyDrive Styling and Changed the BP Count Navigation icon
- Enhance Styling on Buddypress Docs
- Replaced BuddyPress Docs image map to material icons
- Fixed BuddyPress Docs Media Queries.
- Mobile Improvements
- Segregated BuddyDrive css from plugins sass
- Added LearnDash Support
- Bug Fixes
- Fixed Members Carousel Bug when added to dashboard or any pages; Prevents the toggle
- Fixed jQuery Masonry bug on toggle
- Carousel Arrows: Replaced with google font arrows
- Fixed secondary background colors
- Fixed RTMedia Privacy
- Enhanced: Side menu sub menu
- Fixed: Side Menu Overflow Issue
- NEW: logout widget (sidenav)
- NEW: logout text (sidenav)
- NEW: Added cover photo on user sidenav
- Updated PO and MO Files
- Fixed: Content Sidebar Layout Issue
- Fixed: Search layout
- Fixed: Search not found
- Fixed: Card Responsive issue
- Added compatibility to gears carousels
- Support Dark Menu on Sidebav New Version
- Added Optional Widget on Log out
- Enhance BuddyPress Layouts
-- [NEW] Added RTMedia Support
-- [NEW[ Added Support for Revolution Slider
-- Fixed search focus state
-- Fixed full width menu on tablet
-- Branding Height Issue in Firefox (Fixed)
-- Added Live Preview for Branding
-- Fixed Padding Issues
-- Customiser: Covert some colors into postMessage (Live Preview)
-- RTMedia: Please add imagesLoaded on activity
-- Bug Fixes
-- Performance Optimisation
-- Fixed 1 Column Mobile Menu
-- Fixed Too much padding on both sides
-- Change Arrow Icon to vertical '3 dots' (Enhancement)
-- Fixed Burger menu padding right
-- Adjust search padding-top and padding-bottom. Making it smaller
-- Improved search form design (Enhancement)
-- Fixed: "Members Avatar too small in members section" 
-- Fixed: "Members Title is too small" 
-- Fixed: "Groups Avatar too small on mobile" 
-- Fixed: "Post Form Cancel button contrast issue" 
-- Fixed: "Groups page members avatar too small" 
-- Better Preloaders (Enhancement)
-- Fixed: "Padding Issues on Mobile" 
-- Better Mobile Layout (Enhancement)
-- Revised Project Layout on Mobile
-- Fixed: Featured Image
-- Enhanced Cover Photo Performance
-- [NEW]Added new icons on BuddyPress Components
-- [NEW]Added Sidebar Toggle
-- [NEW]Added "Dark Navigation" option
-- [NEW]Birthday Widget (Requested Featured)
-- [NEW]Featured Member Widget
-- [NEW]CHAT Feature
-- Enhance RTL
-- Performance Optimisation
-- New Online Docs
-- Fixed Notification Bubble
-- Fixed BuddyPress Profile Navigation
-- Updated PO File
-- Fixed Tablet Menu Issue
-- Improved RTL
-- Fixed Footer Issue
-- Fixed RTL Displays Issues
-- Fixed Preloaders Issue
-- Fixed Menu & Branding Customizer Issue
-- Fixed BP-Docs Heading
-- Added New Sub Forum Compatibility
-- Fixed Groups Preloaders Issue
- Added RTL Mode. 
- Added New Layout in Customizer. 
- Fix few bugs and CSS issues.