Stop: This documentation was written for Thrive 2.2 version and below. If you are using Thrive 3.0 or greater, please refer to this documentation.

Aside from the recommended plugins, if you wanted to import the ‘WooCommerce’ plugin and the ‘bbPress’ plugin in your site please kindly ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’ the said plugins before proceeding to import the ‘demo-import.xml’ file.

To import the ‘demo-content.xml’ file to your site, please kindly follow the instructions below to complete the process:

  1. Go to your ‘WordPress Dashboard’ > ‘Tools’ > ‘Import.’
  2. In the ‘Import’ page go to the ‘WordPress’ section and click the ‘Run Importer’ link. (If the ‘Install Now’ link is displayed instead of the ‘Run Importer’ link it means that you need to ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’ the importer plugin first before proceeding.)
  3. After that, it will redirect you to the ‘Import WordPress’ page. In this page click ‘choose file:’ button and select the ‘demo-import.xml’ file located inside the package under ‘resources’ directory.
  4. After you have selected the ‘demo-import.xml’ file click ‘Upload file and import’ button. Eventually, you will be presented to assign post into users. Check ‘Download Attachments’ checkbox.
  5. Finally, click the ‘Submit’ button to begin the importation please kindly wait for 3 ~ 5 minutes depending on your download speed and server speed.

You have now completed the importation process required by the ‘Thrive Intranet and Extranet Demo’ to replicate the content of the said theme demo to your website. Please kindly proceed to the next page to configure the ‘General Settings’ of your site.