Stop: This documentation was written for Thrive 2.2 version and below. If you are using Thrive 3.0 or greater, please refer to this documentation.

To complete Thrive to become a fully Intranet and Extranet Theme we have developed two plugins for the theme. These plugins are the ‘Subway’ plugin and the ‘Task Breaker’ plugin, we have defined these plugins below.

‘Subway’ plugin:

We have developed this plugin to give the Thrive theme a ‘Privacy and Security’ feature that will allow you to control the privacy of your site pages.

‘Task Breaker’ plugin:

The ‘Task Breaker’ plugin is developed to give the Thrive theme a ‘Project Management’ feature that will allow you to assign ‘Projects’ to a group and assign ‘Tasks’ to your group members.

We have now introduce to you the plugins developed for Thrive that will help you achieve your awesome ‘Intranet and Extranet’ website. Kindly proceed to the next page of our documentation to move to the next instructions.