Stop: This documentation was written for Thrive 2.2 version and below. If you are using Thrive 3.0 or greater, please refer to this documentation.

‘Thrive’ has its own plugin named ‘Task Breaker’ plugin this plugin is dedicated to the ‘Project Management’ feature of your ‘Intranet and Extranet’ website. The said plugin handles the ‘Project Creation’ and ‘Task Designation’ to your group members. Also, please take note, that the ‘Project Management’ feature is only available if you have a ‘Group’ and you are required to be a ‘WordPress Administrator’ or a ‘Group Administrator’ or a ‘Group Moderator’ to be able to assign a ‘Project’ to a group. In short, a normal group member is not allowed to create a ‘Project’ in a group and assign ‘Task’ to a group member.

Please kindly proceed to the next page for further instructions and introductions for the said plugin.