Stop: This documentation was written for Thrive 2.2 version and below. If you are using Thrive 3.0 or greater, please refer to this documentation.

To assign your an icon to your menu please kindly follow the instructions below.

  • Go to your ‘WordPress Dashboard’ > ‘Appearance’ > ‘Menus.’
  • In the ‘Menus’ page go to the ‘Edit Menus’ tab and click the ‘Arrow Icon‘ of the menu you desired to have an icon.
  • After clicking the ‘Arrow Icon‘ the menu panel will open click the ‘Select‘ link in the ‘Icon‘ setting of the menu panel.
  • A lightbox will appear into your screen that contains list of icons, select your desired icon and click the ‘Select‘ button in the bottom right corner of the lightbox.
  • Finally, click the ‘Save Menu‘ button.